Babies oral hygiene

Before the first teeth are even erupted, it is recommended to gently clean the gums with a damp cloth to remove the bacteria. As soon as the first tooth comes out, brushing twice a day with a soft bristles toothbrush is recommended.

You should be careful with sugary food such as juices or sticky snacks to reduce their risk of decay.

An exam every 6 months is recommended to sensitize the child to a good oral health. We have to check for the eruption of the teeth and intercept cavities at the beginning because they can progress quickly that way, we will avoid more serious problems.

Children decay syndrome

Children decay syndrome may occur before the age of 5. It is an aggressive infection of the primary teeth. The frequent risk factors are the baby bottle or juices at bedtime, frequent breastfeeding at night, regular consumption of sugary food, bad oral hygiene or insufficient fluoride consumption.

A tooth decay may be hard to detect for a parent, this is why it is important to make regular checkups at the clinic twice a year. We have to react fast once a cavity is detected because it might progress rapidly and the child could develop some pain or even an infection.

The loss of a tooth, even primary, may have big repercussions on the masticatory system, the available space, the confidence of the child, without forgetting the global health.