The pacifier and the thumb

Sucking on a thumb, a pacifier or any other objects may engender some growth problems of the jaw or a malposition of the teeth. Therefore, it is important that this habit stops before the eruption of the adult teeth. If it isn’t stopped, an orthodontic treatment will be necessary to correct the problems.


The application of fluoride consists in an application of a liquid that will help the teeth remineralize, can reduce root sensitivity and prevents tooth decay. The fluoride may prevent the cavities and also stop the evolution of a small cavity.

Fluoride toothpastes are highly recommended since the eruption of the first tooth. It is recommended to check the usage to make sure that the product isn’t ingested. For children under the age of 3, only the bristle of the toothbrush has to be slightly touched with the toothpaste. For children over the age of 3, the size of a rice grain is sufficient.


The dental paths on top of your teeth are hard to clean and the biofilm sticks easily inside. Sealants are a good additional protection against cavities that could form there.


A mouthguard is a removable device that protects the teeth while doing a sport. This device is built specially for your teeth which makes it comfortable and allows a better protection during a fall or an accident. It is known to protect the teeth but also to protect against concussions.


The orthodontic is used to correct some teeth and jaw malposition in an esthetic and functional way. The best moment to start a treatment is usually in the teenage years even though they are still possible for adults.

In certain situations, an interceptive orthodontic treatment at a young age may have many advantages for the eruption, the growth, the phonetic and the confidence of a child. It can also avoid the necessity of having surgeries in the future such as the traction of the canines or the realignment of the jaw after the growth.

Following an interceptive treatment, a final treatment might still be necessary but it will be less complex.

While doing the exam, an orthodontic referral can be given to you.