Our Technologies

The dental world is in constant evolution. We find it important to stay on the lookout of new technology in order to let the patient benefit of the best treatment possible with irreproachable quality.

Digital x-ray

Quick, efficient and safe, we can find multiple abnormalities with the digital x-rays that could not be visible with a visual exam. The diagnosis is therefore, more precise. This technology uses less radiations then traditional x-rays while offering better image quality. Also, this method greatly diminishes the usage of chemical products and lead. Therefore, it is better for the environment. It is also easier for us to transfer quickly the x-rays to your insurance or a specialist.

Intra-oral camera

We are equipped with intra-oral cameras in every room because, in our opinion, a picture is worth a thousand words. The camera allows us to take precise photos and to show you from a different point of view the inside of your mouth. It is easier for you to understand the diagnosis and the treatments that you would need. A precious tool that also allows us to keep track of the evolution of your oral health.

E4D technology

It is a new technology allowing us to make a crown in only one appointment which makes the treatment quicker. Everything is made in the clinic with a ceramic restauration assisted by a computer. A 3D camera allows us to make a digital impression of the tooth to design the restoration virtually. The impression is then sent to the machining station to be ground on a pre-selected ceramic bloc. Once the tooth is adjusted and ready, it will be painted to match the natural color of your teeth which will give it a durable and aesthetic look. We then bake the tooth, polish it and glue it on your natural tooth.