A radiant smile can make a difference in your life. We have different solutions to offer you whether it is to improve the appearance of your smile or to correct some imperfections.

Esthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening

To find back the sparkle of your smile or decrease the yellowish color of your teeth, a whitening can be an excellent solution. We offer two safe and efficient options adapted to your needs.

However, it is important to talk with your hygienist or dentist to make sure the treatment is recommended for you. The results may vary from one person to another. It is recommended to decrease the consumption of food that could stain your teeth such as coffee, red wine or cigarettes. You may also feel that your teeth are sensitive or that your gums are redder but it’s only temporary.

At home:

Bleaching trays adjusted to your mouth are made. You can do your whitening in the comfort of your home with the application of a peroxide gel. Your trays will allow you to do touch ups whenever you feel the need.

In clinic:

After isolating your teeth and protecting your gums, multiple applications of gel will be safely applied on your teeth by a professional. You may also combine the treatment with the home whitening kit to have optimal results and do touch ups over the years.

Dental veneers

A veneer is a thin layer made of composite resin or porcelain, fixed on the front part of your teeth. It serves to improve or modify the appearance of the tooth. It can change the color, shape or even correct the spaces in between the teeth. The results are esthetic and compares to the natural aspect of the teeth.

Diastema closure

A diastema is a space between two teeth. It usually does not cause a problem. That space can be filled for esthetic reasons with a dental crown, veneer, composite filling or even an orthodontic treatment, in more complex cases.

Inesthetic stains

White or yellow stains, caused by hypocalcification of the enamel or after taking off braces brackets, can be inesthetic. It is now possible to make them disappear with a resin-based treatment. This treatment is conservative. Only one session, without anesthesia, is usually sufficient to see a good difference.