A healthy smile for all ages. Regular exams and cleaning can prevent several oral diseases..

General and family dentistry

Recall exams

A recall exam is suggested twice a year and is essential. It allows us to screen for cavities, periodontal diseases, oral lesions, defective fillings, teeth eruption problems and many more. Regular follow ups with the dentist allows us to take preventive measures when necessary to avoid the evolution of certain abnormalities and to maintain an optimal oral health. The recall exam prevents more invasive treatments and the additional costs involved. When there is pain, the treatments are often more complex. This is why you shouldn’t wait for symptoms.


Scaling allows us to remove any deposit, biofilm and calculus that have accumulated and are impossible to remove with only brushing or flossing. The calculus and biofilm accumulated can lead to complications such as periodontal diseases and cavities. The polishing follows the scaling and is made with a special paste providing a silken sensation and removing the remaining stains and biofilm.

Dental x-rays

Dental x-rays allow us to detect any cavities or abnormalities that the human eye can’t see. They’re essential for the dentist to make a complete diagnosis. Also, we can follow the evolution of gum diseases, check the presence of cyst, abscesses or tumors. We use a numeric x-ray system which makes the exposure safer for the patient.

Occlusal plaque (or night guard)

The grinding or constant pressure on the teeth can severely damage the teeth or the jaw. An occlusal plaque is an ideal treatment to limit the grinding and decrease the damage such as premature usage, headaches, breaking crowns, fillings or crack a tooth. An occlusal plaque is made from impressions of your mouth; the acrylic device is comfortable and must be worn every night. Sometimes the plaque helps to reduce some myofascial pain in addition to protecting your teeth.


To repair a slightly broken tooth or to remove the decay, we use a filling on the damaged tooth. After removing the cavity or defective filling, we fill it up with composite (white) or amalgam (grey). A dental filling can also be made to fill up the wear on a tooth or to improve the appearance of it.