There is no better treatment following the loss of one or many teeth. Comfort, aesthetic and function will be gain back.

Implant restoration

Crown and implant bridge

A crown and an implant bridge serve to replace one or many missing teeth. It is a fixed and long-lasting solution that brings the maximum comfort to a patient. It is also the treatment that is closest to the esthetic and functionality of a natural tooth.

Dental denture on implants

Implants serves to increase the stability, the esthetic and masticatory function of dentures.

Removable partial denture retained by implants

Sometimes, only a few teeth are present on the arch and it would be best to use one or two implants as a fixation for the denture. This increases the comfort, stability and decrease the forces on the remaining teeth.

Complete denture retained by implants

When one or both arches are completely toothless, implants are of a great help to restore the masticatory function as well as improving the esthetic and comfort, without forgetting the confidence of smiling and eating comfortably.

The denture retained by implants can be fixed or removable. Every situation is different this is why an in-depth study with your dentist will help you get the best option for your needs.