It depends of your oral health and your life habits. The Ordre des dentistes du Québec recommends two annual visits. However, the hygienist and the dentist may suggest a different frequency depending on your needs. For someone with periodontal disease, the visits will be more frequent (3 or 4 months) so we can do a good follow-up to control the disease.

It depends of your oral health. If you have regular checkups every 6 months and the dentist doesn’t suspect any abnormalities in your mouth, the x-rays are generally taken every 18 months.
One should understand that an exam is considered incomplete without x-rays. The latter allows the dentist to make a precise diagnosis. The majority of oral problems are painless. It is therefore wrong to believe that everything is fine, simply for lack of symptoms.

The Ordre des dentistes du Québec recommends an exam every 6 months. Only the dentist can detect oral and gum diseases. Detecting a problem at an early stage may avoid some consequences for the patient, such as invasive treatments that are more expensive.

We know that it might be hard to compare products in pharmacies with the one we have in a dental clinic. A whitening in a dental clinic is safer because the bleaching trays are fabricated for your mouth which reduces the risk of gum irritation or burn. The hygienist, who has a lot of experience with mouths (vs a beautician), takes the time to carefully protect your gums and can react in case of a problem. As well, an exam is necessary before a treatment because in certain cases, it is strongly contraindicated. The results are also better and faster because our products are more concentrated.

Yes, our prices are based on the rates of the Association of dentist-surgeon of Québec. According to the code of ethics and for the respect of our patients, the prices remain the same, whether you have insurance or not.

It is very hard to inform you of the prices without prior diagnosis, even for a minor treatment. Each patient is different and the prices varies depending on the condition of your oral health.